Primitive Man

Home Is Where The Hatred Is

BY Denise FalzonPublished Feb 13, 2015

Denver, CO blackened doom outfit Primitive Man have returned with their latest offering, Home Is Where The Hatred Is, and it's thoroughly disturbing (in the best possible "I like my music to be depressing" sense). Following their 2013 full-length, Scorn, and several splits last year, this new four-track EP comprises a half-hour of dark, feedback-charged aggression, soaked in hopelessness and nihilism. Home Is Where The Hatred Is starts off with the 11-minute "Loathe," featuring discordant noise beneath layers of intense groove, vicious drumming and sludgy riffs.
Vile, hatred-spewing vocals are at the forefront of "Downfall," which starts off with furious intensity before returning to an ominous dirge. "Bag Man" is a colossal, unrelentingly heavy doom track, filled with harsh crushing riffs, while the dissonant, piercing instrumental closer "A Marriage With Nothingness" is exceptionally unnerving, featuring some rather distressing sound bites. Unapologetically bleak and permeated by loathing and hostility, Home Is Where The Hatred Is will either leave you wanting more or contemplating teetering off a ledge.

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