Pop Levi The Return To Form Black Magick Party

After labouring for ten years in a number of bands, most recently moonlighting as the bassist for Ladytron, Pop Levi has taken matters into his own hands with The Return to Form Black Magick Party. He draws equally from Bolan and Barrett to create an over the top, revved up pastiche of glam and ’60s psychedelic pop. It’s an album that’s overwhelming in its bombast. The first single, "Sugar Assault Me Now,” fittingly describes the feel of the album: Slurpee sweet and bursting with energy. The record is not only weirdly convincing in its throwback aesthetic but also impressive in how instantly memorable and catchy the songs are. If they weren’t performed with such flamboyant conviction these songs about flirting, dancing and fucking could almost be considered kitschy. The Return is a fun listen by a talented artist who I’m sure absolutely slays live. (Counter)