Police Halt Megadeth Video over Tank Use

Police Halt Megadeth Video over Tank Use
Time for your weekly - or is it daily at this point? - dose of Megadeth news. This time it's rather amusing.

The band have been in the process of shooting a video for latest single "Right to Go Insane," from their 12th studio album, Endgame. What they haven't been doing though is letting the proper authorities know about their intentions. Apparently, it's kind of important to keep them in the loop when your video incorporates the use of a heavy-duty armoured vehicle.

Things were thrown into a tizzy recently when the police came rushing onto the Megadeth video set to investigate the use of a tank. Naturally, shooting was temporarily halted.

"We're on location making the video for 'Right to Go Insane,'" band front-man Dave Mustaine revealed to Rock Radio, as reported via Contact Music. "We've got an M68a tank. The cops are here - it can get pretty hairy with this video shoot. I don't know what's going to happen from this point, but we're excited. It's a great day to be alive. God bless!"

Let's see what sort of shenanigans the band can get up to on their recently announced anniversary tour for legendary effort Rust In Peace, seeing as it finds Mustaine reunited with former partner in crime Dave Ellefson.