Pissed Jeans Dickens Pub, Calgary AB, June 27

Pissed Jeans Dickens Pub, Calgary AB, June 27
Photo: Ryan Kostel
There was no smoke machine onstage at Dickens Pub, but as the stage lights moved around, one could see a swarming mist of pungent, floating sweat. And if there's any band to soundtrack that sort of sickly humidity, it's Philadelphia noise rock quartet Pissed Jeans.
The group, who've long outlived the standard lifespan of a hardcore band, now have a deep catalogue to draw from, so their set was all over the map. The result was still the same, however — groaning guitar riffs, plodding bass, pounding drums and frontman Matt Korvette's writhing, shirtless body. A lot is often said about his lyrics (and he is truly one clever, self-deprecating smartass), but his vocal range was also a noticeable attribute in a live setting, as he switched between growls, yells and, occasionally, actual singing.
In the sweltering heat, it was all a little uncomfortable. But like Pissed Jeans themselves, that's kind of the point.