Pig Destroyer "The Diplomat" (video)

Pig Destroyer 'The Diplomat' (video)
Pig Destroyer's "return to short, blistering grind" on the recently released Book Burner made for a plenty brutal soundtrack to our regular days, but now you can see the stop-start metal intensity score the spine-chillingly odd clip for album track "The Diplomat."

The neon-saturated clip stars some docile space chimps tenderly grooming each other, but their home gets royally fucked up with the arrival of "The Diplomat." Between his nervous ticks and disturbingly phony, toothy grin, the inhabitants should have just sent him packing, but it turns out it's hard to resist a trunk full of guns. Blast-beats score the rapid-fire revulsion, as bullets tear apart a number of apes and crimson flecks spatter the screen Pollock-style.

There's no doubt some political satire imbued in the clip, as the locals turn on each other and ultimately their business-suit-sporting benefactor. Decide for yourself and watch the carnage unfold below.