Peter Hook on New Order Fallout: "It's been the messiest divorce I've ever had"

Peter Hook on New Order Fallout: 'It's been the messiest divorce I've ever had'
A New Order reunion would be a dream come true for some but unfortunately, not for Peter Hook. The former New Order bassist has ruled out the possibility of the post-Joy Division outfit reforming, as he believes it's unlikely that he and guitarist Bernard Sumner would be able to repair their fractured relationship.

"I think there would have to be a terrible lot of bloodletting," Hook recently told The Quietus. "It's been very... it's been the messiest divorce I've ever had, let's put it that way."

After splitting up in 2007, New Order have been stagnant, as Hook has refused to work with Sumner and drummer Stephen Morris, and will not allow them to continue the project without him, instead turning his attention to new musical pursuits.

"We split up two years ago. For a while, Bernard seemed to be a bit confused about that but now, from what I gather, he's accepted it," he said. "In my mind, Bernard split us up in '92 when he went off with Johnny Marr [in Electronic], and I split us up this time. All we have to wait for is when we get back together is hopefully for Stephen to split us up and we'll all be even."

In an ironic twist of fate, Hook's new musical project, Freebass - centered on a trio of bass players - is set to go head-to-head with Sumner and Morris's new group, Bad Lieutenant, which features former New Order player Phil Cunningham and Blur bassist Alex James, with both groups' records set for release in September of this year.

"It's very weird. But it's exciting," Hook said of the strange position. "It's a bit like a fat version of Blur and Oasis."