Pet Shop Boys

A Life in Pop

Photo: Perou

BY Cam LindsayPublished Feb 19, 2007

Throughout their 20-plus-year career, British art pop perfectionists Pet Shop Boys have balanced their singular integrity with worldwide commercial success. A Life in Pop tells the story of Neil Tennant ("the one up front”) and Chris Lowe ("the one who does nothing”) from the very beginning. It’s not one of the better-told stories in music largely because the duo was relatively scandal-free; the film’s draw is purely about the intelligence of this music and the individuals that imagined it. Running through each phase of their career, it’s a meticulous storyline — from their break when Tennant was flown to NYC to interview the Police for Smash Hits and international chart domination to their elaborate motifs and constant, unique realignment of pop music. Featuring interviews with collaborators and fans such as Trevor Horn, Robbie Williams, the Killers’ Brandon Flowers, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and Little Britain’s David Walliams and Matt Lucas, fans couldn’t expect or want more than what’s offered. It’s a hefty, exhaustive story (over two hours long) that succeeds on all levels — most importantly in getting the press shy Lowe to actually talk for once. Plus: videos, live performances.

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