People Are Already Flipping Justin Bieber's Timbiebs Merch on eBay

The Tim Hortons collab came with branded totes, fannies, beanies and, of course, Timbits
People Are Already Flipping Justin Bieber's Timbiebs Merch on eBay
Who got that yummy-yum? Today marks the launch of Timbiebs — the official Timbits marketing crossover project between Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons, obviously. As part of the launch, Tims and Biebs also coordinated a line of branded merchandise, so naturally, the ultra-Canadian swag is already being flipped for hundreds on eBay.

Forever the harbinger of everything yummy, Bieber, with help from the Canadian coffee chain, dropped the Timbiebs beanies, fanny packs, tote bags and more at participating restaurants this morning. Mere hours into the day, listings for such items have been popping up online in the dozens, including everything from the brand-new-in-bag clothing and gear to plain-old empty (and lightly used) Timbit boxes.

Listings range from a paltry $15 for a beanie all the way up to $500 for the complete line of wearables. Whether or not these items will actually fly off the virtual shelves remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, Timmys is leaning into the Bieber hype as hard as possible online, perhaps in an attempt to recover from a recent wave of hate the company has received thanks to a viral TikTok trend.

Silly or not, we kind of have to admit that the merch isn't the worst brand deal we've seen from the Biebs. Also, you can't exactly go wrong with birthday cake waffle-flavoured Timbits, unless you hate fun or something. 

Check out all the Timbiebs swag on a very enthusiastic fan below.