Pelican "Deny the Absolute"

Pelican 'Deny the Absolute'
While instrumental metal beasts Pelican have their new Forever Becoming LP dropping October 15 through Southern Lord, the Illinois outfit also have a new 7-inch set to drop next week. The A-side includes an alternate version of the album's "Deny the Absolute," and you can hear it down below.

While the track immediately steamrolls into an ecstatic post-metal clatter of drum bursts and detuned, interlocking melodies, a deft and damaging midsection locks into a murky, trilled-out groove. Ultimately, it punches back into fist-pumping territory, and you can stream the band's epic, instrumental journey down below.

Mylene Sheath issues Pelican's new 7-inch, which also includes B-side "The Truce," on August 20.