Peggy Gou


BY Patrick CardenasPublished Jun 25, 2019

Since releasing her first record in 2016, Peggy Gou has become one of the most popular artists in the underground techno and house scenes, touring constantly to perform for a zealous fan base. Now, !K7 have called upon her selector's expertise for their next entry in their long-running mix series.
Gou's DJ-Kicks, while somewhat reminiscent of her sets that ignite parties around the globe, also brings a different energy. Not unlike some recent contributions to the venerated series, the vibe and flow of this one are more akin to a record store listening session than a club setting — more NTS Radio than Berghain. There is little concern with flashy blends; each track is left to breathe and occupy its own space.
This becomes evident from the get-go as the mix initiates with Spacetime Continuum's 1993 ambient number "Fluresence," pulling us in with its melodic, airy synths and cosmic radiance, before Gou's own "Hungboo," a catchy downtempo track with Asian folkloric and earthy tones, takes its place.
The next inspired section comes with the Spanish group Pegasus's quirky jazz fusion instrumental track, bringing up the energy and taking us into the funky bass line and exaltation from an early Andrew Weatherall soulful house remix, and then followed by Dorisburg's deep and hypnotic minimal techno. Sandwiched between a new wave-inspired electro jam from DMX Krew and Shades of Rhythm's old school breakbeat rave track "Exorcist," is one of Gou's recent weapons, JRMS's "3," which should get anyone to at least nod their head to its funky and menacing bass line.
It's not all perfect. Even in this eclectic selection, Black Merlin's tribal drums seem out of place and break the flow. And Aphex Twin's "Vordhosbn" could've made for a great way to end the mix, with its nervy and aggressive complex rhythms. But then, admittedly, we wouldn't get to hear the swirling sub bass and colourful synths of Deniro's dub house banger, "Epirus."
Gou has invited us into her musical world, showcasing the artists whose music she's studied to guide her into crafting her own sound. If the LP she's currently working on will sound anything like this, we will be in for a real treat.

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