Peaches Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, October 6

Peaches Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, October 6
Photo: Amy Ray
Gender bender, queer icon, feminist, raunchy ringleader, shock performer. Add prolific, multi-genre musician spanning decades and you'll have a fraction of what makes Peaches, well, Peaches.
The iconic Commodore Ballroom was nearly full capacity before she even took the stage in Vancouver last night (October 6). The crowd were teased for a few minutes after the venue plunged into darkness and an intro was cued up, but there she stood above the stage, from behind, in a pink and yellow gown and mask like something straight out of Beetlejuice. Peaches slowly turned to face the crowd in sparkling tights and a pink bodice, the latter of which she shed fairly quickly, crouching to fiddle with the mixing board at her feet during songs in nothing more than a sequined body suit.
Always one to embrace controversy, two dancers clad in full vagina bodysuits joined her onstage for "Vaginoplasty," fully engulfing her from either side in their folds. It's Peaches' in your face, no bullshit attitude that enchants her fan base, diving deep into topics we all discuss, but that most artists rarely if ever touch on. Peaches pulls out the grotesque, which is often normalcy for her fans, making her relatable.
"Are you guys ready for me?" she asked 15 minutes into her set. Answer: yes, though what the crowd got was entirely unexpected. She stepped off the stage as if to crowd-surf, but instead walked, a plethora of hands and arms securely holding her feet and ankles, allowing her to tower above everyone while still singing. She eventually fell backwards and let herself be shuttled by hands back to the stage. "Boys Wanna Be Her" found her crew at the front of the stage, engaging in an elaborate mock threesome combined with aerobics, fist-pumps abounding.
"Dick in the Air," off her latest album Rub, provided one of the most interesting spectacles of the night, as the largest inflatable penis in known existence was blown up over the crowd, completely overtaking half of those in attendance. The sheer size of the thing could have easily housed Peaches and dozens of others inside, as it pulsated across the venue. Instead, she stood off to the side of it, stroking and controlling the beast as it billowed away. "Fuck the Pain Away" capped off the show, Peaches popping two bottles of champagne between her thighs before shooting it all over the crowd, while her backup performers blithely poured the remainder into the open mouths of those in the front row.
Tits out, she sauntered back for an encore, performing "AA XXX" and "Dumb Fuck" while her backup spread themselves across the stage wielding blow dryers. Peaches is a spectacle, and a performer whose onstage constructions are just as much a part of the show as her musical output.