Peach Kelli Pop Is Back with a New EP

Hear "Cut Me Off" from 'Lucky Star'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Aug 26, 2020

Peach Kelli Pop is bouncing back into our lives with a new mini-release. Called Lucky Star, the EP from Allie Hanlon's punky pop project is set to arrive on October 9 via Lauren Records. But right now, we can hear the record's newly shared "Cut Me Off."

In a statement, the Ottawa-raised/L.A.-based songwriter had this to say about the track:

This song is about lacking the strength to walk away from a situation you know is harmful to you. It's about really wanting a relationship to work (whether it be romantic or a friendship) and hanging on, but knowing deep down that it won't work out.

Beyond "Cut Me Off," the Lucky Star EP includes three more tracks, including a cover of "Sing and Pretty" by Tokyo group the Pats Pats.

The EP follows Peach Kelli Pop's Gentle Leader album, which arrived back in 2018 via Mint Records.

Lucky Star:

1.Stupid Girl
2. Cut Me Off
3. Close To You
4. Sing and Pretty (by the Pats Pats)

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