Pavement's Bob Nastanovich Is Raising Money for Daniel Johnston's Cat Spunky

The feline has been alone since Johnston's death in 2019 and is in need of oral surgery

BY Kaelen BellPublished Mar 22, 2022

Legendary outsider folk songwriter Daniel Johnston died in 2019, leaving behind a huge legacy and a lot of very special music. He also left behind his cat Spunky, who, unbeknownst to anyone, had been living alone in Johnston's house since his passing. 

Spunky's since been rescued but is reportedly (and understandably) in pretty rough shape, and now Pavement drummer Bob Nastanovich has launched a GoFundMe to get Spunky some necessary oral surgery. 

Nastanovich is looking to raise $2,000 for the procedure and post-op care. Laura Anderson, Johnston's former tour manager, explained the cat's situation in a note attached to the fundraiser.

"Daniel's cat Spunky has lived all alone in his house since he died and was recently taken to a rescue organization," Anderson wrote. "She has had a tumour in her mouth and a cancer scare (fortunately her biopsy was negative). She is slowly returning to health; the final challenge is to take out all her teeth, and she will have to learn to eat new food while she heals… We are hoping to raise money for the extraction surgery and post-op care, so that Spunky will avoid infections and live her remaining years in comfort."

If you're looking to support a special person's special cat, you can donate to Nastanovich's fundraiser here

Johnston continues to be a guiding light in alternative and DIY communities, with several artists releasing covers and tributes in the years since his death. 

As for Pavement, they recently announced reissues of Terror Twilight and Spit on a Stranger ahead of their upcoming reunion tour

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