Paul Wall The People's Champ

He’s "got the internet going nuts” and since his nationwide introduction on the smash single "Still Tippin’” by Mike Jones featuring Slim Thug, the white dude in the video with the sly baritone flow has held the people’s interest. And have you seen his teeth? He must have a million diamonds in his mouth. Who is that guy? Well, he’s one of the nicest MCs to come from Houston. A veteran of the Texas rap community with dues paid, and the newly crowned people’s champ, hence the title of his latest album. He’s Paul Wall and he uses People’s Champ to reintroduce himself as a Texas bred hustler who has finally arrived, and has more carrots in his mouth "than Bugs Bunny’s lunch.” The deep organs and ticking hi-hats on "Ridin’ Dirty,” the fan fare horn-loops on "Smooth Operator” and warped bass lines on "Sittin’ Sideways” all describe his arrival, but in varying styles of boastful playa-talk. Paul’s playa-talk doesn’t get old on the album either because his boasts are entertaining and creative. When it comes to raps about his cars, which is often because he’s a Texan, he calls himself the "undisputed king of the parking lot.” This album is a Southern affair thanks to all Paul’s Southern friends featured on the album, such as Three 6 Mafia on the dark and bumping "I’m a Playa,” and BG and Bun B on the minimally dark and bumping "Trill.” This is a quality Southern rap album with no crunk and no gimmicks. (Asylum)