Paul Wall Get Money Stay True

Well, the people’s champ has gone a little Rocky II and V on this one. Perhaps he’s been too busy screwin’ and a choppin’, or maybe he’s been staring at his own grill too closely but really, there are only a couple decent efforts here. "Bangin’ Screw,” laidback and sippin’ plenty of purp’, is the album’s best and maybe, only real single, "Everybody Know Me” with Big Snoop is, you know, the song on someone’s album with Snoop on it. "On the Grind” gives you a chance to hear you some Freeway, for me the only reason to listen to the song. In terms of the real bad, there’s Jermaine Dupri’s latest version of the same song he produces every time, and, uh, a song from Wall’s new super group Expensive Taste, made up of Blink 182’s Travis Barker and the Transplants’ Skinhead Rob. How do you think it is? Paul Wall’s debut was hot; this is not. (Asylum)