Paul Wall Wants to Give the Houston Astros World Series Grillz

Paul Wall Wants to Give the Houston Astros World Series Grillz
The Houston Astros are currently trailing the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series, and regardless of the outcome, H-Town MC Paul Wall wants to show appreciation for his hometown team by offering each Astros player a set of grillz.

Wall put the offer out to the team over Twitter on Sunday (October 22) following their American League championship victory against the New York Yankees. The mouth jewelry would come courtesy of himself and jeweller Johnny Dang (a.k.a. TV Johnny), who has worked on pieces for Drake, Kanye West, Rick Ross and more.

"It's a celebratory thing," Wall told the Associated Press. "We want to celebrate with them, congratulate them, here's a memorable, commemorative grill."

A lifelong Astros fan, Wall told AP that the idea for team grillz came to him after running into Astros pitchers pitchers Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel and Tyler Clippard before the series against the Yankees began.

"I was just joking around with them about it," Wall explained. "I said: 'Hey man if y'all go to the World Series, I'm going to hook y'all up with some grillz.' And they were like: 'Hell yeah we want some grillz."

AP notes that several Astros players have inquired about being outfitted. Pitcher Lance McCullers tweeted that "a lot of the guys are hype for this," while Toronto Blue Jay Marcus Stroman weighed in with his own approval.

"The offer is solid gold grills maybe with the Astros emblem engraved on them," Wall said, adding that "one or two is not too expensive, now if the whole 40-man roster wants a grill, oooh it could start getting expensive... I'm a diehard Astros fan and for me and TV Johnny to make grillz for them and congratulate them with a grill it means something, and that they would even accept or want a grill means a lot to me."