Patrick Wolf "The City" (Video)

Patrick Wolf 'The City' (Video)
Lupine-loving pop star Patrick Wolf's fifth full-length album Lupercalia is set to be released sometime later this year, but the artist has already loosed its first single "The City." While a physical release of the single is set for March 14, you can now watch its promo clip.

The singer's latest grand pop number is a mix of thunderous, Stomp-issued percussion runs and an unabashedly uplifting brass section likely lifted from the closing score of an '80s teen flick. Its accompanying clip finds the singer playfully cavorting with cart-wheeling beach kids, enjoying a good game of volleyball and rocking his piano amidst the ocean's crashing waves. There's a lot of frolicking and group touching to fill in the gaps, too.

Soaked by song's end, the singer announces that he "won't let the city destroy our love." Lest you move the party from the sandy shores to a concrete jungle, that shouldn't be a problem, Patrick.

You can watch the clip up at the Guardian .