Patrick Wolf Scoring New Film About Noël Coward

Patrick Wolf Scoring New Film About Noël Coward
In 2012, British songwriter Patrick Wolf looked back on his career to date, going on a 10th anniversary tour and reworking some old material for Sundark & Riverlight. Now, Wolf is entering the next phase of his career by scoring a film.

Variety reports that he will be writing the music for a biopic about multitalented British playwright Noël Coward, who is known for works like Hay Fever, Private Lives, Design for Living, Present Laughter, Blithe Spirit and In Which We Serve. Coward also wrote songs, acted and directed.

The film is being directed by Joe Stephenson and stars Glee actor Chris Colfer as Coward. Possible co-stars include Ian McKellen, Vanessa Redgrave and Jonathan Pryce. It's based on a screenplay by Martin Sherman.

While Wolf has contributed to soundtracks in the past, this will be his first full-blown film score.

"I am so thrilled for my first film soundtrack composition to be about Noël Coward's early life. We both grew up in the same parts of South West London, and began our journeys onto the stage and into writing at the same precocious age," Wolf said in a statement. "The script, director, Noël Coward Estate and the cast attached combined are already in perfect synergy to make this something magical."

The biopic still doesn't have a title or release date, but it's set to start shooting this summer. The working title is simply Noël.

Meanwhile, Wolf is also reportedly working on a new studio album.