Paroxysm Scars of the Art

One of the best things about metal in Canada is the undeniable sound that Montreal-based death metal bands have established over the past decade. From Kataklysm to Neuraxis, Quebec has bred some of the best metal acts this country has to offer. Adding to this already impressive lineage is Paroxysm, who have been kicking around for nearly a decade but are just now beginning to catch the attention of death metal fans outside Quebec. Signed to Montreal local label Prodisk and boasting a tight sound that best resembles the aforementioned Neuraxis, it’s no wonder that the buzz for Paroxysm has begun to grow. The Scars of the Art is certainly worth the ears of any fan of the near-tech death metal sound that has become a staple of the Montreal scene. The production quality is also worth mentioning, as the sound is surprisingly crisp for a relatively small release, but each morsel of brutality is pristine. Unfortunately, the band have parted ways with their drummer but luckily have affirmed their desire to move forward. Hopefully the fertile Quebec death metal scene will continue to support this promising act. (Prodisk)