Paradise Animals 'Paradise Animals' (EP stream)/ "Wooden Box" (video)

Paradise Animals 'Paradise Animals' (EP stream)/ 'Wooden Box' (video)
Former Green Go member Mark Andrade has now launched a project of his own, Paradise Animals, and he just released his debut EP and video with the new outfit.

The self-titled EP is stepped in dreamy reverb and bedroom-brewed electronics, making for an infectious sound that's part hooky synth pop, part dreamscape ambience. Best of all, the seven-song collection is available as a free download from Bandcamp, and you can stream it below. Scroll past the stream to check out the abstract video for the EP track "Wooden Box."

Paradise Animals' five-piece lineup will be playing two upcoming Toronto shows: March 3 at Drake Underground and March 23 at Sneaky Dee's. The latter is for Canadian Music Week.

Wooden Box from paradise animals on Vimeo.