Papercuts Parallel Universe Blues

Papercuts Parallel Universe Blues
Jason Quever, under the alias Papercuts, has spun heartbreak, self-exploration and making a fresh start into a work of art. It's not the destination, it's about the journey and the lessons you learn along the way. Parallel Universe Blues is Quever's sixth record exemplifying just that. Nakedly emotional vocals and utterly stunning songwriting fit well into his repertoire.
Loaded with crisp electronic melancholia and produced with a shoegaze sheen, "Laughing Man" is a highlight. Another must-hear, "How to Quit Smoking," follows in the same vein, with a touch more surf punk vibe.
Departing from his lo-fi sound on his previous work, like the 2009 gem You Can Have What You Want, Quever experiments with more blended, twangy guitar hooks and driving drumbeats. Although he doesn't stray too far on slower tracks, "Sing to Me Candy" and "Walking Up" aren't songs that go above Quever's potential. There is a higher quality production, but sticking relatively to his same style, making the record feel overplayed and unoriginal at times.
Parallel Universe Blues is a dreamy, laidback record made for easy listening. It's a great album with a step up in its production. It would be more interesting for Quever to do something a little bit different this time around, but staying true to your roots isn't a bad thing. (Slumberland)