Pansy Division Make Some Near Future Plans

Pansy Division Make Some Near Future Plans
Oakland’s premier queer and proud pop punk band Pansy Division have been making their voices heard for nearly 18 years, and judging by their current plans, they’re going as strong as ever. According to a post on the band’s MySpace blog, they’re currently prepping a new album, a new seven-inch, a DVD, a book, and a summer tour for 2009.

The band’s new album is titled That’s So Gay and will be released on Alternative Tentacles this coming spring. Before then, the band will be releasing a seven-inch with album cut "Average Men” on the A-side and a cover of Green Day’s "Coming Clean” on the B-side. "We're very excited to be at this point,” the band said. "It took a year and half from the beginning of the album to the end, the longest we've ever gestated one of our releases.”

The band’s DVD will provide a documentary, Life in a Gay Rock Band, that has already played its share of film festivals. There will also be a whole bunch of extras, including a bonus DVD of live performances. "We've never had an official live album, so this will be the next best thing,” they said.

Finally, the band’s founder Jon Ginoli will be releasing his book, Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division, on March 1. According to the band, "The book is a detailed history of how Jon conceived and formed the band, and the many adventures we've had ever since. It's a nice companion piece to the documentary; the doc covers a lot of ground, but the book fill in a lot of the details there weren't time for in the film.”

The band have tentatively slated a North American tour for the summer of 2009.

Pansy Division "Manada”