Palm Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 26

Palm Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 26
Photo: Steve Louie
Palm led us along their trippy path, and they were happy to have us with them. They let their music do the talking, except for a timid "merci" at one point, and saying how thankful they were to have the full band cross the border at another.
Both tightly wound and sporadic, their songs suck you into their world — you're unsure where you are or what's going on, but you want to stick around. Their dual, chorus-laden vocals at times evoked the Beatles ("Composite") or Animal Collective, but their sound is all their own.
Some of the biggest cheers came after "Forced Hand," as they locked us into their cryptic beat, the band members always staying in sync to their phantom meter. Both intricate and organic, by the end everyone was in awe of what they just heard. Dense but catchy, sprawling but tamed, Palm proved that there's no studio magic propping up their inventive style.