BY Trystan MacDonaldPublished Mar 22, 2017

On Pallbearer's newest doom-laced gospel Heartless, the band continue to carry the weight of its critical success following the release of Foundations of Burden without showing any signs of fatigue in their sound. In fact, Heartless presents a broader repertoire of tones and hospitality for melody than the quartet's previous two albums, bridging these various dynamic fluctuations with crushing, palm-muted riffs.
A statement from the band regarding the release states that, "Instead of staring into to the void — both above and within — Heartless concentrates its power on a grim reality." That honesty certainly rings true on opening tracks "I Saw the End" and "Thorns," two songs that sound larger than what you would expect from the standard chugging riffs that have formed the foundation of Pallbearer's music. The band have always had an ability to navigate away from the monotony of repetition (a curse that burdens many bands in this genre) and stimulate the sensation of ebb and flow with their heavy progressions, accented with subtle and punctual transitions. This comprehension of composition is the cornerstone of Heartless, the secret to the band's success; it doesn't demand the listener's attention, it provokes it.
For five years, Pallbearer's sound has continued to typify their name, with the sheer weight of the band's music felt by all who listen. Heartless continues to build on the band's reputation as one of the biggest acts in doom metal.
(Profound Lore)

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