Paint It Black Return with New EP

Paint It Black Return with New EP
It's been four long years since Dan Yemin and the rest of his Philadelphia-bred hardcore crew Paint It Black released their Amnesia and Surrender EPs, but the long-running band have finally revealed a follow-up. Their next mini-set is called Invisible, and it drops April 2 through No Idea.

The band spoke about the six-song EP in a blog post, noting that it's been a long time coming, with "the challenges of geography, too many bands and tours, and other more mundane aspects of adult life" all playing a part in the delay.

While song samples have yet to arrive, they added that Invisible is inspired by the same outside elements that interfered with the usual band biz, and the record revolves around themes of parenthood, "deliberately resisting corrupt mainstream value systems" and "brutal, devastating loss."

"This isn't about avoiding adulthood; it's about redesigning it so that it doesn't clash so violently with our most deeply held beliefs," the band added. "It's about the compromises we refuse to make, but also about the subtle negotiations between ideals/aspirations & day-to-day pragmatics. It's about figuring out how to keep making noise even when life quiets down."

You can see the tracklist down below and the artwork up above.

Paint It Black play a hometown record release show for Invisible at Philadelphia's First Unitarian Church on March 31, though no other shows have been scheduled just yet.


1. Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs

2. Headfirst

3. Props For Ventriloquism

4. Little Fists

5. D.F.W.

6. Invisible