You Only Live Twice

BY Kiel HumePublished Jun 21, 2011

The brainchild of producer Peter Tägtgren, Pain dip into speed metal, electro beats and industrial. If this mix sounds like something you'd hate, you won't enjoy Pain's seventh album, You Only Live Twice. With a great deal of predictable power riffs and Euro-trance-sounding keyboard work, You Only Live Twice sounds a lot like the kind of metal found on the Blade trilogy. The album is essentially into Marilyn Manson territory, circa-2004: big, glossy production that is, to reiterate, like something from a Hollywood soundtrack. This isn't to say the album is bad; it's just excruciatingly derivative and uninspired, which is to say that it's bad. Or perhaps annoying is a better description. Come to think of it, even the album art is kind of irritating, with a gimmicky little robot character reminiscent of Wall-E appearing in various post-apocalyptic scenes. Unless you like videogame metal, avoid at all costs.
(Nuclear Blast)

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