Ozzy Osbourne Broke a Door in the 'White Lotus' Hotel After Sharon Pooped on His Weed

She also put his brandy bottle in her anus

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 29, 2023

If you're having a hard time quitting anything, it might be time to take a laxative and enroll in the Sharon Osbourne school of rehab — just make sure to keep toilet paper on (poop) deck. 

The Black Sabbath frontman's wife revealed yesterday on The Osbournes Podcast alongside their two kids, Jack and Kelly, that she — and even the children — used to poop in her husband's drug stash to help him get clean. 

After Sharon told guest Margaret Cho that, to punish Ozzy, she used to "shit in his weed," Kelly delivered a specific anecdote of a poopy weed fiasco that occurred at a Four Seasons hotel in Hawaii (the same hotel that the first season of The White Lotus was filmed in) during the mid-1990s. 

"I found [Ozzy's weed]. I came to mom, showed it to her, and then she's like, 'Kelly, do you need to go to the toilet?'" she said. "And I said, 'No, I'm not doing this again for you, I'm too old now. I'm not going to shit in dad's drugs.' [So] she shit in it, and it was in this tiny Ziploc bag … she shit in it, zipped it back up again, and put it back. When he found out, he went nuts and chased us down the hallway." 

Jack recalled that, in response, Ozzy "went so fucking nuts and nearly knocked a door off a hinge at this hotel." 

"I've done shit like that before," Sharon chimed in. "He wouldn't stop drinking one time, and he was drinking brandy, and I just got the bottle and rubbed it around my ass. And then he took a swig, and then he went back again, and then he looked at me and he goes, 'You didn't.' And I go, 'I did.'"

So, next time you're watching The White Lotus, keep an eye out for Osbourne easter eggs (a.k.a. broken doors and pooped-on bags of weed in the background). 

Check out the full podcast episode below. 

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