Ozzy Osbourne Says Black Sabbath Are "Unfinished," Would "Jump at the Chance" to Reunite with Bill Ward

"I was sad that Bill wasn't there," he said of the band's 2017 farewell

Photo: Ross Halfin

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 17, 2024

Black Sabbath's farewell tour resulted in a nasty fallout with drummer Bill Ward, who left the reunion and got wrapped up in a war of words with his former bandmates, as singer Ozzy Osbourne claimed the drummer was "so out of condition" and Ward demanded an apology. Now, more than a decade later, Osbourne has indicated that he still wants to reunite for a farewell show with Ward.

On the webseries The Madhouse Chronicles, Osbourne said, "I was sad that Bill wasn't there. I mean Tommy Clufetos, my drummer, did a great job. But he ain't Bill Ward." 

When his cohost Bill Morrison (of Billy Idol's band) asked if he was content with the band's career arc, Osbourne admitted, "No, because it wasn't Black Sabbath that finished it. It's unfinished. If they wanted to do one more gig with Bill, I would jump at the chance."

In 2015, Osbourne told Ward, "Physically, you knew you were fucked." These days, Osbourne is having his own physical troubles that prevent him from touring, as he has retired from the road due to a spine injury.

Black Sabbath's final show — for now, at least — took place on February 4, 2017, in their hometown of Birmingham, UK.

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