Ouri We Share Our Blood

Ouri We Share Our Blood
Ourielle Auvé, better known as Ouri, has demonstrated some impressive hustle since she emerged on the Montreal club scene a few years ago. She released her debut EP, Maze, in 2015, and followed it up last year with the Superficial full-length and a collaborative, self-titled EP with Mind Bath. After recently signing with Ghostly International for a global deal, Ouri appears primed to break out big.
Unlike her previous releases, We Share Our Blood is almost exclusively a self-made effort. This DIY approach has given her added confidence as a producer, focusing more on building song structures than enigmatic beatscapes. But if this EP is about Ouri showing her growth, it's her voice that shines brightest.
"Escape" is an exquisite piece of digital R&B that flutters with chopped melodies, shuffled rhythms and Ouri's seductive call. But she never truly fits into a comfort zone. "Down" drops a bouncing bass line and undulating synths for future garage sound, while the title track's pounding beats aim for pure techno.
We Share Our Blood is a poised, momentous forward leap for Ouri, who from here on in should widely be considered one of electronic music's rising stars. (Make It Rain Records)