Ought 'Room Inside the World' (album stream)

Ought 'Room Inside the World' (album stream)
Ought are set to unload their new Room Inside the World album this week, and while it's not officially out until Friday (February 16), they've let loose an early album stream.

Ahead of the record's proper release, you can stream all of Room Inside the World over here via Bandcamp.

Recently speaking to Exclaim!, frontman Tim Darcy had this to say about the new album:

The push behind the first two records was that we really saw ourselves as a live band and that had been a lot of the drive behind Ought until that point. We wanted to make records that would capture that live feeling and that sense. We tracked everything at the same time in the same room. We knew that we wanted to not do that again and we wanted to combine that with a more studio-heavy approach. We knew that if we were gonna make that we were gonna have to think much more intentionally about the types of sounds that we wanted to get on our own before we went into the studio.

Room Inside the World arrives Friday through Merge/Royal Mountain. Read our review of the record here, as well as see their upcoming tour dates here.