Ought House of TARG, Ottawa ON, August 21

Ought House of TARG, Ottawa ON, August 21
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
With a new EP already on the horizon after their well-received More Than Any Other Day caught the ears of many this year, Ought's driven work ethic was on display in Ottawa, proving that their relentless tour schedule hadn't quite worn them down yet. In a set dominated by cuts from the aforementioned record, they commanded the audience's attention, as frontman Tim Beeler's conversational singing style was backed by the keyboard textures of Matt May and the skilful rhythm section composed of bassist Ben Stidworthy and drummer Tim Keen.

The comparisons of Beeler to noted sing-song conversationalists such as David Byrne and Gordon Gano are not far off the mark. Set opener "Today More Than Any Other Day" saw him deliver the relatively depressing line "we're sinking deeper" repeatedly before the track launched into manic optimism. Much like the comparable figures listed above, Beeler's delivery in candid lyrical moments, such as simply buying milk at the grocery store, resonated well with the crowd.

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