Omnium Gatherum Stuck On Snakes Way

Adding to the already diverse repertoire of the Candlelight Records family is Finnish melodic death outfit Omnium Gatherum. The band’s third full-length is by no means a revolution in the field of melodic death but it is a pretty solid listen from start to finish. While they sound somewhat similar to label-mates and fellow countrymen Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum could be described as a Dark Tranquillity-like band but with far fewer keyboards and inferior production. A few songs into the album, the constant chugging guitar parts get a little weary but there are a few moments of groove and hints of harmonies thrown in that will appease the well-travelled death metal fan. Stuck On Snakes Way is a decent album but hopefully, these Finns will come out with something a touch more original for their future releases. (Candlelight)