OL' CD "Slow Day" (Live at DNA video)

OL' CD 'Slow Day' (Live at DNA video)
Are CDs on their way to becoming retro novelty items? Judging by the name of Toronto rock outfit OL' CD, that certainly seems to be the case, and we can now get a taste of what that band have to offer with the launch of its Live at DNA series.

This series of videos was captured live off the floor at the DNA Recording Facility just outside of Toronto in Woodbridge, ON. First of the batch is "Slow Day," and we see the four-piece gathered in a circle in the studio as they deliver spiky rock arpeggios and bluesy melodies that tell of a lazy day at home without any good TV shows to watch.

Scroll past the band's tour schedule to watch it below.

Tour dates:

02/07 London, ON - Black Shire
02/20 Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground
02/21 Brantford, ON - Two Doors Down
02/26 Kingston, ON - Clark Hall Pub
02/27 Montreal, ON - Barfly
02/28 Ottawa, ON - Avant Garde Bar
03/05 Oshawa, ON - Moustache Club
03/13 Hamilton, ON - Homegrown Hamilton
03/14 Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz
03/20 Sarnia, ON - Paddy Flaherty's
03/22 Toronto, ON - The Hideout