OK Go Take Aim at Trump with "Interesting Drug" Morrissey Cover

OK Go Take Aim at Trump with 'Interesting Drug' Morrissey Cover
Joining the rising anti-Trump choir, OK Go are now taking aim at the president-elect via a cover of the barbed Morrissey track "Interesting Drug." Yes, the Moz song that prominently proclaims, "There are some bad people on the rise."

OK Go uploaded the track to their YouTube page this afternoon (January 18), and they also penned this accompanying message: "We recorded a cover of Morrissey's 'Interesting Drug' — it seems like the right soundtrack for this moment. No matter how anxious or angry you are, try to turn your passion into something good for the world. We're in this together."

Down below, you can watch it out disturbingly play out, complete with bold lyric scenes and plenty of Trump footage.