Ohmme Are Beating Around the (Kate) Bush with Full Bush Performance Project

The two-night show will celebrate pop music icon Kate Bush
Ohmme Are Beating Around the (Kate) Bush with Full Bush Performance Project
Chicago alt-pop duo Ohmme are running up that hill to make a deal with theatre artist Alex Grelle to stage Full Bush, a new performance project that "bring[s] to life the incomparable magic of Kate Bush's music," filled with moments of pleasure that'll give you a deeper understanding of this woman's work. 

Happening December 3 and 4 at Chicago's Constellation, the Jesse Morgan Young-directed stage show is described as "a loving reimagining of Kate Bush's illustrious career." 

It'll feature "elaborate, over-the-top costumes and performances with frenetic choreography and transfixing projections," with the duo expanding to a six-piece in order to perform new arrangements of classic Bush songs. Wow! 

In a statement about the project, Ohmme said:

Kate Bush focused her immense creative weight on the fantasy of childhood dreams. Her music can be hard to follow and yet dazzling and expansive at the same moment. Its genius lies in embracing not knowing and non-linear thought. She is whimsical while lending gravity to the fun, and wacky, and sensual sides of music. Bush and her work are unafraid of exactly what they are—which is why she is one of our greatest inspirations. We wanted to explore and frankly, to embody, her courageous commitment to bizarre and beautiful multidisciplinary performance.

This sounds incredibly fun, so if you're going to be in Chicago in December, might we suggest you get out of your house, put on your red shoes and hit up the strange phenomenon that is Full Bush. Uh…Babooshka. 

Ohmme's most recent album was last year's Fantasize Your Ghost