The Offspring "Coming for You"

The Offspring 'Coming for You'
After spending last year celebrating the 20th anniversary of Smash, OC pop punk outfit the Offspring have launched a brand new tune. Dropped late last night (January 29), the group's surprise single is fittingly titled "Coming for You."

The track takes on a stomping, distorted glam rock approach, sitting somewhere between Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part Two" and Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People." There might be a punchy, pre-verse lick lifted from "Bang a Gong" in there too. Lyrically, the track takes on a rebellious tone, but also has Dexter Holland, sounding more and more like "Weird Al" Yankovic each year, dropping the following whopper: "Breakdown, take down, now it's on / Sold out, blow out, Donkey Kong."

Does it hit as hard as an ape-flung barrel to the chest? You can figure it out for yourself down below.

It's unclear if and when a new Offspring LP is coming for you, or if this is a standalone single. The band's last LP was 2012's Days Go By.