OFF! Respond to Vegetable Oil Arrest

OFF! Respond to Vegetable Oil Arrest
In our recent tour announcement for the Keith Morris-fronted hardcore band OFF!, we revealed that the group is facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing vegetable oil.

 OFF!'s tour van has been modified to run on vegetable oil, which means they spend a lot of their time at restaurants trying to get their hands on some grease waste from the kitchen. When they tried to do this in Arizona, however, a restaurant owner did not approve of their antics.

 In a statement made to Prefix, OFF! guitarist Dimitri Coats explained his take on the situation:

I've never had any issue before with police or restaurant owners. Any questions I've ever had about fuelling the van have quickly turned in to fascination that it can actually run on vegetable oil. No one has ever had a problem with taking the oil, and even in this case the cop wanted to let us go. It's the companies that have contracts with the restaurants; they're getting really precious about this oil. It's kind of the end of an era; it used to be a lot more wide open and fun, but now it's just getting to be a pain in the ass. We now have to go back to Arizona and make our appearance. The ideal outcome for us will be to get our lawyers to have the charges thrown out and be done with it. Then we might sell the van to a younger band whose only alternative is to travel this way. It's a shame, because when it works it's pretty bad ass.

OFF! are set to stand trial in an Arizona court on April 6. All of their upcoming tour dates are available here.