OFF! "Void You Out"

OFF! 'Void You Out'
California punk lifers OFF! are pointing out the wrongs of the past with a politically charged preview from their upcoming Wasted Years LP. The ire-imbued cut is called "Void You Out," and it questions whether or not U.S. citizens actually live in the land of the free.

The quick burst of music is driven by Dimitri Coats' Black Flag (or is that FLAG)-styled bar chords, while vocalist Keith Morris seethes about the powers that be oppressing the masses ("Break you down/grind you up/void you out") and putting in place some revisionist history.

Morris explained of the song to Rolling Stone: "Who was here first? A bunch of uptight, always-right Caucasians with their heads buried up each other's asses, trying to tell the rest of us how North American history went down and is going to be changed because of their intelligence or lack thereof. Thus: 'Void You Out!'"

Wasted Years arrives April 8 via Vice Records.