OFF! "Borrow and Bomb" / "I Got News for You" (video)

OFF! 'Borrow and Bomb' / 'I Got News for You' (video)
OFF! promised a couple more videos would pop up as part of a video trilogy to support their 2012 self-titled set, and the band have decided give us more bang for our buck by placing retro-themed clips for album tracks "Borrow and Bomb" and "I Got News for You" into one tidy package.

Just about the only thing tying the Whitey McConnaughy-directed vids together to the sign-spinning clip for "Cracked" are the group's punky bursts and a sense of humour.

First up is a lo-fi cable-access-style spoof for "Borrow and Bomb" that has the band performing for a bunch of sullen kids on fictional program Teen Talk. Host and professional educator Dale Antwerp (aka The Kids in the Hall's Dave Foley), meanwhile, struggles to understand the youth of today (or is that yesterday?).

Following a quickie commercial for a grindhouse movie that apparently stars drummer Mario Rubalcaba, the band's equally punchy "I Got News for You" acts as the soundtrack to a spandex-laden exercise program. You can see the crew of colourfully unitarded athletes dip into some assy lunges down below.