Oddities Sprawlic Stream - Rites of Passage

Although promoted as an Oddities release, Sprawlic Stream is actually a Bookworm solo album. He produced all but one track and goes solo on the vocals for almost the whole album. Over the LP and bonus EP that make up Sprawlic Stream, Bookworm creates some very enjoyable aural delights. The beats are thick with layers of samples that come together in a smooth laid-back jazz flow, while Bookworm drops his topical rhymes, fast-paced West Coast style. Other vocal flows come courtesy of Oddities crew members J-StaRRRrrr!!!, Snidley Whiplash, Psy, Kamau and Syr Syntax, and Cryptik Souls Crew member Asix. On "ICE-sosCOLESE," the track that should have earned the title "Ice Cold," Asix continues to prove he is one of the most consistently impressive MCs in Toronto. "Atlantis" comes with plenty of low end that will get the furniture vibrating (if not you yourself), and Bookworm gets deep on tracks like "Mandate Of Heaven" and "Unsure Tomorrows." However, the most enjoyable moment on Sprawlic Streams is "Stranger Things," the track not produced by Bookworm. Jumping behind the sampler, Bounca gets the best sound out of the Dr. Who theme song since the KLF. Kamau also drops by to add some guest vocals. "Stranger Things" is one of those rare tracks that are both catchy and skilfully crafted. Released as a single, this song could get some serious play. For that one track alone this is a must own album, but you'll enjoy the other 21 tracks as well. (Elasticslapfacto)