Octo Octa For Lovers

Octo Octa For Lovers
Aptly titled For Lovers, Maya Bouldry-Morrison's latest EP as Octo Octa is a vulnerable experience in the importance of self-love and intimate community in a time of growth.
Opening track, "I Need You," starts off understated and rises to a triumphant breakbeat pulse as Bouldry-Morrison's airy vocals wrap the rest of the mix in warmth, uttering the titular mantra and drawing the listener in.
Another stellar highlight is the closer, "Loops for Healing," a track not originally intended for release, but rather, as the title implies, as a personal healing device for the artist. The track's warm, muted drums and spacious synth tones create an atmosphere of rejuvenation that leaves the impression that it is working as intended, refreshing the listener.
With For Lovers, Octo Octa has delivered a set of tracks that are not only dance-floor-ready, but deeply personal and moving, creating a listening experience that is ultimately fulfilling and one that will be urging you to revisit it more than a few times. (Technicolour)