BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Aug 19, 2013

Oathbreaker's Eros Anteros sounds like a blackened take on Converge's latest two albums. The Belgians flip-flop (without being wishy-washy) between the straightforward Axe to Fall sound, and a distinctly more black metal, or at times screamo, one. Fortunately, vocalist Caro Tanghe possesses a voice diverse enough to match all the sounds the band touch on. Her higher pitched screams rival Jacob Bannon's, while simultaneously being close enough to a black metal shriek, and desperate enough for screamo. That she deftly adds soaring singing to the mix only furthers her credentials, and the band's appeal. Oathbreaker's accomplishments are best encompassed in the companion tracks "As I Look Into the Abyss" and "The Abyss Looks Into Me." The latter of these is drastically in contrast with much of the album, providing a swelling counterpart for Eros Anteros' pounding bulk. This auditory dichotomy is only furthered by the post-metal lull of "Clair Obscur," which, like the titular track of 2011's Oathbreaker, eases the listener out. But it does it in a far more natural way, proving how far the band have come.
(Deathwish Inc.)

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