​Oasis Reveal "More Epic" Version of "D'You Know What I Mean?" Video

​Oasis Reveal 'More Epic' Version of 'D'You Know What I Mean?' Video
If you've ever watched Oasis's "D'You Know What I Mean?" video and thought that it was lacking in high-power helicopter shots, you're in luck. The directors have unveiled a reworked version of the music video that's even more in-your-face than the original.
The Be Here Now single was first given the visual treatment by Dom & Nic back in 1997, but it's now been overhauled to match a new mix of the song from an upcoming reissue of the album.
The initial clip was shot on 35mm film, which the directorial duo refer to as "the height of movie making technology" at the time, and was shot at the same location as Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.
"The 35mm film from the original shoot had been stored safely in the Oasis archive, which meant we could go back to the original film to re-master and recreate the video," Dom & Nic explained in a statement about the video revamp. "This was the film equivalent of finding the band's long lost studio master tapes in pristine condition. During the process of re-editing we discovered even more powerful performance moments from the band, more epic helicopter shots and a new pacing with greater drama and energy than before."
You can engage in the heightened viewing experience below. The aforementioned Be Here Now reissue lands on October 7 through Big Brother.