Oasis's Music Temporarily Went Missing from Canadian Streamers

Their discography has definitely maybe returned online

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 11, 2024

If you've tried to stream Oasis in Canada at some point over the last week, you may have been shocked to discover the band's entire discography had been pulled. Now, all you can do is look back in anger, as the Britpop mainstay's roster has returned to the true north strong and free.

A reader of Alan Cross's Journal of Musical Things informed him that Oasis was no longer available on Apple Music. Shortly after, the band went missing from Spotify and YouTube Music entirely, while other streamers like Amazon Music and Deezer only held onto a few of the band's tracks.

After making some inquiries, Cross uncovered that the band's absence from Canadian streaming was a "weird system error." As of time of publication, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music have had their Oasis discographies fully restored, while Amazon Music still only has some singles and a few EPs on their roster.

The last thing we need is an international mard between the Gallaghers and Canada, so let's hope the problem gets fully resolved soon. Perhaps AI can help?

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