Oasis Dig Out Your Soul

Some things never change. When an overenthusiastic fan threw a full-bodied tackle at Oasis head honcho Noel Gallagher during a performance at the V Festival in Toronto, it served as reminder of the Brit’s numerous onstage misadventures over the years. The same is true of Dig Out Your Soul, their seventh studio album. Like much of their previous work, this an album that’s best enjoyed played loud out of a big set of speakers. And, like much of their material since the Be Here Now days, they continue to show an increased tendency to take their oft-maligned Beatles obsession to new levels. Where it used to be part of a cheeky blend of styles, it now ends up as a syrupy tribute, or an exercise in classic rock bombast — look no further than the Liam-penned "I’m Outta Time” or the downright daft Macca honky-tonk of "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady.” Noel clearly still has some songwriting chops — crackling single "The Shock Of The Lightning” and minor-key number "Falling Down” are testament to this — but those wanting to believe yet another declaration that this is Oasis’s best album since Definitely, Maybe will be disappointed. (Big Brother/Reprise)