Nu Sensae's Daniel Pitout Decides to Start Eating Out

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 7, 2010

It turns out that there's more to Nu Sensae skinsman Daniel Pitout than furiously pounded drum fills - much more. While it's been a busy year for the Vancouver, BC punk duo, between the release of scuzzy second album TV, Death and the Devil and their countless jaunts across the continent, percussionist Pitout's precious downtime has seen him developing a new passion. Lately, he's been Eating Out.

Somewhat of a Vancouver supergroup, Eating Out finds the lanky Pitout stepping out from behind his drum kit to man the mic with his guitar slung low. Taking influences from the bygone era of girl-fronted grunge bands like Hole and L7, the troupe - rounded out by former Sex Negatives six-stringer Brody McKnight, Peace drummer Geoff and White Lung vocalist Mish Way on bass - like it shrill, raunchy and raw.

"I always wanted to be in a band where I played guitar and sang, so that was always the goal," Pitout tells Exclaim! of starting up Eating Out, before admitting he initially had a different lineup in mind. "I was going to get Anne-Marie [Vassiliou] from White Lung to be the drummer, but then I realized she already plays in bands with both Brody and Mish, and I wanted to get people who were different. I asked Geoff because I always liked his drumming in Peace."

Though Eating Out having just started up this past summer - their first show was in September - the group have already posted a handful of demo tracks, which they plan on re-recording soon, on their MySpace, showing the band brandishing buzz-saw guitars, sludge rhythms and Pitout's testy tenor.

While Nu Sensae's outward gaze focuses on the weirder side of things, from teen murders to celebrity worship, Pitout's work with Eating Out finds him getting a bit more personal.

"Whereas in Nu Sensae we tend to sing about things that aren't associated with us, things that we find interesting, so far in Eating Out all the songs have been expository," he says, before cutting to the chase. "I sing a couple songs about some boys."

Check out Eating Out's MySpace here.

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