Notre Dame Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, The 2nd

Featuring Snowy Shaw, best known for his work with Mercyful Fate and King Diamond, Notre Dame could be the poster child for B-movie metal. Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You was the band's 1998 debut EP. Here, six more songs have joined the original five for the band's fourth Osmose offering and all has been remixed, mastered and even includes a poster. If you can imagine a black metal version of the B-52's (minus one femme fatale), combined with the Sisters of Mercy and The Phantom of the Opera, with a little Beethoven thrown in, you might get an idea of what to expect on this CD. It's entirely fitting that the EP originally came out on Halloween, and if you like heavy metal, really old horror movies and vampire bats, you should find Notre Dame to be wickedly entertaining. (Osmose)