Nora Kelly Band Announce Upcoming Album 'Rodeo Clown'

Watch the music video to the twangin' lead single "Lay Down Girl"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished May 2, 2023

Exclaim! Class of 2022 alumni, Nora Kelly Band, have a new offering on the way. The Montreal alt-country quartet's debut album Rodeo Clown is set to arrive on August 25 via Mint Records.  

The first taste of the upcoming project comes with lead single "Lay Down Girl" and its accompanying music video. Kelly embraces the album's concept in the Gabby Che-directed visuals, donning a clown suit and face paint as she sings of a topic far more serious than her appearance would suggest.

"The lyrics to this song were direct advice that I was giving to myself, to stop being a 'Lay Down Girl.' To stop staying put, acting sweet and putting everyone else first," she explained. "Other people's approval had been my priority for so long that over time my connection to what I liked and what I wanted had become weak."

Rodeo Clown will be the group's first project since they independently released their debut EP Perfect Pig in August 2022.

Clown around with the Nora Kelly Band by watching the "Lay Down Girl" music video below, where you can also see the album's tracklist.

Rodeo Clown

1. Mmm-Delicious
2. Lay Down Girl
3. Catch a Bone
4. Horse Girl
5. Heartbroken over a Man
6. Deja Vu
7. Purgatory Motel
8. Rodeo Clown
9. Roswell
10. Tonka

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