Nora Theneverendingyouline

While not as adventurous as fellow New Jersey natives Deadguy or the Dillinger Escape Plan (with whom they shared a split on Ferret), they share common musical ground and are a stronger, catchier unit on their latest five-song EP, Theneverendingyouline, because of it. Opening with the title track, Nora locks into a lo-fi, plodding metal riff before kicking in the bass and going straight for the neck. Hardcore, metal and even some punk bits are interspersed with a constantly changing tempo, exceedingly harsh vocals and some slight twists and turns, just to keep things from becoming predictable. Nora adds just enough interesting facets to their hardcore/metal punk bloodletting to keep them from being generic, but won’t lose anyone whose tastes lie in the moshing, metal anthems of many of today’s more popular metal-hardcore bands. Clocking in at just over 15-minutes, it’s safe to say that Theneverendingyouline won’t tax anyone’s attention span, but is an excellent EP. (Trustkill)