NOFX They've Actually Gotten Worse Live

In typical self-deprecating fashion, NOFX abuse themselves on latest live effort They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live, the follow-up to mid-’90s concert affair I Heard They Suck Live. And, as expected, this collection of band — not necessarily fan — favourites finds the likes of Fat Mike and crew belting out as much snotty humour between songs as they deliver on renditions of "Franco Un-American,” "Murder The Government” and "Whoops, I OD’d.” Shockingly though, the band are decidedly tight this time around, keeping the comedic factor to a minimum as they let the music speak for itself. As anyone who’s been to a NOFX show over the past half-decade can attest, this is an oddity, seeing as they’ve been predisposed to talking more than playing lately. Regardless, this is the closest any SoCal fan will get to a greatest hits package from the band. With the smooth banter put forth on introductions and relatively seamless performances, They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live serves as entertainment both musically and pseudo-intellectually. (Fat Wreck)